About Us

 Once Upon A Time...

My Inspiration

Naturally Sweet Treats came to life when I had my daughter. I wanted her, as a little one, to be able to enjoy the sweet treats I liked without the extra junk-just a good o'le snack with nothing but what nature has to offer. So I set out to find a way to enjoy “nature’s candy”, in the form of delicious treats. I am now happy to present to you Naturally Sweet Treats.

My Story

I grew up with five sisters and three brothers. The closeness of my family and spiritual upbringing are sources of inspiration for Naturally Sweet Treats. I have early memories in San Diego, CA, a big city with a small town feel where nature, sunshine, and fresh air gives everybody a laid back attitude. I then left the pacific sunsets and headed for Houston, TX.
As a University of Houston Alumni, I was given the opportunity to study in Asia with a focus in micro-finance, economics, and politics. I have a distinctive creative flair, and this characteristic has added to one of the many imprints of Naturally Sweet Treats’ designs and flavors. I have a special connection with my church, which influenced my “way of life” and helped me to pursue all possibilities.